About Us

Your Dream Is Our Passion

At Ridgewater Homes, we are passionate about what we do.  For our clients, this means that we never settle for second best, and we believe our job is not complete until our client is satisfied.

Ridgewater Homes – Custom Residences in Houston

Ridgewater Homes has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry. Since Ridgewater Homes was established in 2006, the company has completed more than 50 projects in the greater Houston area.  Each of those projects represents the culmination of hard work, experience, excellent construction practices, and the use of the finest materials available.  And during that entire period, our goal has been the same.  We are committed to the creation of high-end custom homes for those who want only the best.  And we work tirelessly to achieve that result.

Our formula is simple.  The first step is to get to know our client, and that includes understanding the lifestyle and needs of the entire family.  Communication remains ongoing throughout the project, up to and including the time when you are ready to occupy your home.  This insures that the final product reflects your concept of the perfect home.

Once we understand fully what you envision in your dream home, we go to work on making that vision a reality.  Everything about your residence will be personalized according to your specifications and subject to your satisfaction.  The architectural style is the one you choose, as is your custom floor plan, the materials and the finishes in your new home.  Equally important, you will enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that the home you and your family are living in is built to the highest standards and represents the latest in environmental technology.

At Ridgewater Homes, your dream is our passion.  We provide the finest in materials and craftsmanship, and we offer straight talk, a commitment to our clients, and the experience of hundreds of completed projects.  Call us today to discuss your dream home.