Dedication and Client Satisfaction

Ridgewater Homes is a custom home builder that prides itself on extraordinary communication with our clients. We know what it takes to build quality custom residences, but we also know that it is your concept that controls the direction of the project.

We supply the know-how, the quality craftsmanship and the quality materials, but you are in control of the choices that turn your concept into reality.

We take the time to understand the wants and needs of you and your family, and in that way we can provide you with an array of choices that work for you. The mechanism that allows us to insure your satisfaction is continuing communication during all phases of the process.

Our dedication to our clients has resulted over the years in the expansion of our business based upon past performance and recommendations from one customer to the next. We believe that quality construction is only a part of our duty to our clients. In an industry sometimes plagued by cost overruns and construction delays, we are committed to completing every project on schedule without unnecessary delays or price adjustments.

Communication is always the key, and this means that we maintain open lines of communication with our customers from the outset, and throughout the construction process. The reason Ridgewater has risen to the top of the custom home industry in greater Houston is by continually working to insure that the project meets our standards of excellence. And we have not done our job unless and until the finished project reflects your vision. The creation of your perfect residence is more than simply materials and labor – it is the culmination of a joint effort to turn that vision into the home of your dreams.

If you are considering the creation of a new custom residence, let Ridgewater demonstrate why we are the leader in the industry. Call us today to discuss your plans, and give us the opportunity to show you our solutions.