Full-Service Custom Home Builder in Houston

If you are considering building a new custom residence, the process may appear daunting.  The financial commitment, the details of construction, as well as the relocation of your family to a new home are significant and time consuming.  By offering our clients an array of services, our aim is to make that process both exciting and fulfilling.  We stand ready to assist from concept to the completion of construction.

We work with clients who already have a property purchased as well as clients searching for the perfect property.  If you are looking for a location in The Heights, Memorial, West U, River Oaks, or anywhere in the greater Houston area, Ridgewater can offer valuable assistance.  Our staff has extensive knowledge of Houston and the surrounding suburbs, and we understand that your new location is of paramount importance.

When it comes to design, we partner with a number of architects who will take your concept and turn it into a working design plan.  Only after you are satisfied with the design, including both overall style and every detail, will we continue with the construction process.

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Safety for you and your family is also a primary concern.  Our eco-friendly practices ensure that your home includes the latest in environmental advances.  We offer sustainable solutions to flooring and other design features, plus appliances and systems that are both environmentally sound and provide the added benefit of energy savings for years to come.We also understand that financing is extremely important in the building of a new home.  We work with many lenders in the Houston area, and we can assist you in finding the financing package that suits your needs.  From the construction loan to the final mortgage loan, our experience translates into benefits to our customers.

At every step in the construction process, Ridgewater will be at your side.  Contact us to see how we can turn your vision into a quality custom residence that enhances your lifestyle to a degree you may never have imagined.